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In 2019 the Outdoor Inclusion Coalition was founded to progress the pressing questions of diversity in the outdoor industry. Through collaborative approaches, the Coalition is at the forefront of making quality recreation experiences more accessible while reshaping urban recreation to be a pathway for greater exploration both professionally and recreationally. From our backstory stems our mission: to support Pennsylvanians through programs dedicated to attracting, engaging, and retaining underrepresented populations in the outdoor industry.

white tent on the lake near green trees and mountain under blue sky during daytime



Facilitating and encouraging multi-sector engagement to elevate the industry



Elevating connections to people, place, and empowerment

Accessible Experiences

Mitigating barriers to quality outdoor experiences while nurturing care for the outdoors


Engaging community love for the outdoors while supporting in sustainable outdoor developments

Camping and Fishing

Equity & Inclusivity

Progressing continually towards a more just industry and outdoor community  


Marcus Shoffner the CEO of Outdoor Inclusion Coalition

Marcus Shoffner
President & CEO

Marcus entered the outdoor sector upon graduation, working in the for-profit sector managing an industry trade show before transitioning to focus on city and state outdoor initiatives. Marcus relocated to Pittsburgh in 2018 and activated his skillset on a local level. Soon after, he created the Outdoor Inclusion Coalition to create a collaborative space to grow the outdoor industry and communal greenspaces.

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Shannon McAdoo
Program Coordinator

Shannon has worked seasonally in the outdoor industry including stints at sleep-away camps and Universal Access Sailing facilities but comes to this position primarily with clinical training in behavior and health. She most recently applied this expertise as a Behavioral Interventionist at University of Pittsburgh, researching the long and short-term health impacts of sitting. She is eager to bring unique experience and perspective into this exciting position. In her spare time, you can find Shannon and her dog, Juno, hiking, trail running, skiing, and backpacking.  


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