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In 2019 the Outdoor Inclusion Coalition was founded to progress the pressing questions of diversity in the outdoor industry. Through collaborative approaches, the Coalition is at the forefront of making quality recreation experiences more accessible while reshaping urban recreation to be a pathway for greater exploration both professionally and recreationally. From our backstory stems our mission: to support Pennsylvanians through programs dedicated to attracting, engaging, and retaining underrepresented populations in the outdoor industry.

white tent on the lake near green trees and mountain under blue sky during daytime



Facilitating and encouraging multi-sector engagement to elevate the industry



Elevating connections to people, place, and empowerment

Accessible Experiences

Mitigating barriers to quality outdoor experiences while nurturing care for the outdoors


Engaging community love for the outdoors while supporting in sustainable outdoor developments

Camping and Fishing

Equity & Inclusivity

Progressing continually towards a more just industry and outdoor community  


Marcus Shoffner the CEO of Outdoor Inclusion Coalition

Marcus Shoffner
President & CEO

Marcus entered the outdoor sector upon graduation, working in the for-profit sector managing an industry trade show before transitioning to focus on city and state outdoor initiatives. Marcus relocated to Pittsburgh in 2018 and activated his skillset on a local level. Soon after, he created the Outdoor Inclusion Coalition to create a collaborative space to grow the outdoor industry and communal greenspaces.

Faith Burke.png

Faith Burke
Program Manager

Born and raised in Washinton D.C., Faith’s career background is in youth and adult outdoor programming with a focus on environmental equity. In college, Faith developed a profound love of the environment and outdoor recreation while working as a trip leader and instructor for their school’s adventure program. Faith has since worked as an Outdoor Instructor in environmental science, climbing, kayaking, and backpacking across the country. This work has included co-creating and supporting multicultural outdoor outreach programs and conducting academic research in outdoor and environmental justice. After returning closer to Pittsburgh, Faith reinforced a profound love for the city and a strong sense of community, eventually becoming a permanent resident. As Program Manager, Faith wants to continue to develop welcoming and engaging spaces for growth and implement the best programming possible to serve a diverse community of recreators. 


Elisa Varlotta
Climbing Coordinator 

Born in Pittsburgh, PA to an immigrant mother from Costa Rica and a father from the US, Elisa was raised at the interface of two cultures. Her childhood summers included rock climbing trips across the country in her parents’ Westfalia, five people living for weeks out of their van. Elisa has always loved the outdoors and specifically climbing and her passion has only continued to grow. After being accepted into the SCARPA Athlete Mentorship Program from 2022-2023, her work has been focused on diversifying the climbing community. During this time, she spearheaded a movie project and was the Executive Producer as well as talent for the film, Guerreras. The movie highlights women climbers in Colombia where she lived off and on for two years. After returning back to the US, she has taken on the role as Climbing Coordinator at the Outdoor Inclusion Coalition and is excited to continue using climbing as a social tool.  


Jeremy Olbum
Program Coordinator

Born in Pittsburgh, Jeremy has been involved in the outdoor industry since graduating in 2019. He has worked as a ski instructor, tackled land conservation projects, and led backpacking trips in various parts of the country. Jeremy joined the Outdoor Inclusion Coalition with a desire to help community members develop and strengthen connections with green spaces and outdoor recreation. 


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